ACTIVATE Your Hidden Divine Power

‘ACTIVATE Your Hidden Divine Power’ is a product of real-life experiences with easy to follow instructions on how to create the life you want. Nabil Esfahani has been at the top of the mountain, and has also seen the lowest point of the valley. He was an ordinary dreamer who believed he could be extraordinary. It is his willingness to be extraordinary, his vision of prosperity and a high level of awareness of his Divine hidden power that allowed him to become an expert on teaching effective and useful mind-power techniques.

This is not your typical mindset book. It is a step-by-step manuscript containing specific keys to help you open the door to prosperity. It is a book about the word “HOW”. The idea of prosperity is much more than just a concept of money. It’s about how you define abundance in your life. This book is about learning how to bring true abundance and prosperity into your life with a step-by-step system to give you the tools to activate and open your mind and heart to prosperity through the power of the mind.

If you are an executive, entrepreneur, in sales, or a leader in the direct selling industry with an organization of your own, you will boost your business to a whole new level of success by infusing the ideas from this book into your strategy. The book also guides you to lead your teams to do the same, regardless of your industry! This book is about lasting transformation. You will receive specific instructions on how to control and design a prosperity mindset in your life—and most importantly—how to actively implement the system to achieve maximum transformation.

This book is not written to be a one-time pep talk. Moreover, it is also not just a ‘positive thinking’ book that tries to paint over and cover up negative beliefs, which at best will provide results that are temporary and evaporate overnight. This book is different. It is a practical and intentional thinking model based on understanding and awareness. It is about taking massive action. It is a way of living. It is a system to be used to transform your life by changing your programming (belief system). It is explained in simple, plain language, and is formatted in a fun and easy way for you to achieve the greatness you deserve.