Nabil Esfahani

Nabil Esfahani is an author, speaker, educator and entrepreneur at heart. He has built and sold many businesses, with a focus on commercial real estate, land investments, and other ventures including consulting in the cruise & direct selling industries.

Nabil’s mission is to help people from all walks of life to experience a higher level of awareness and discover their own Divine power, hidden within them. He teaches them how to use the Prosperity System to achieve ANYTHING they want in life.

Nabil is driven by passion and mission to inspire and help people to become aware of their Divine power within and to connect this seeker to their hidden powers guiding them to build prosperity in their lives.

Nabil’s enthusiasm, charisma and understanding of the mind and it’s work, gave him the necessary insights to create The Prosperity System with clarity and understanding using the latest discoveries from quantum physics, neuroscience and his own personal experiences in life. He shows others how to reprogram their brain to lead to a more fulfilled and prosperous life.

Nabil believes what we think and believe will manifest in our life. He is passionate about the human potential for greatness and the unlimited abilities we all possess.

He is the author of “ ACTIVATE Your Hidden Divine Power ” which provides easy and simple steps for people to incorporate The Prosperity System to help them change every aspects of their lives.

Nabil conducts seminars around the globe on land and at sea. If you would like to learn more about these seminars, please visit his website,

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